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15 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do - Bello Virtual Services

15 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do

A virtual assistant can play out an assortment of undertakings. These reach from booking arrangements to screening and reacting to messages. Yet, booking and messages are only a hint of something larger.

Here is a guide of tasks, what they are, and what they do.

Dealing with your schedule, both expert and individual, is one of a business visionary’s most noteworthy difficulties. From giving suggestions to booking arrangements, remote helpers can make it easy for you. They can:

1. Organize and timetable calls and arrangements. This by itself normally saves proprietors around 10 hours every week and holds them back from doing these assignments that they despise. The key is to give your associate principles concerning when and who. VAs likewise plan requires some colleagues.

2. Give updates about calls and arrangements. There are times when you may neglect to settle on a decision, particularly when out of the workplace or in consecutive gatherings. The menial helper can call or text you a couple of moments before to guarantee you remember.

3. Send and keep a “forthcoming rundown”. Every week, menial helpers can send you a rundown of individuals that poor person reacted to demands for setting up a gathering or a call so you know when you really want to reach out.

Email and Contact Management and Communications

In case you’re covered under a huge load of messages — or on the other hand, if you want somebody to refresh your contact list then a decent remote helper can save long stretches of time by doing the accompanying exercises:

4. Screen messages. In view of rules you set, VAs will erase, react, forward, or banner messages for your consideration.

5. Add individuals to contacts. At the point when you have a call, meeting or another type of commitment with another person, the VA can add that individual’s subtleties to your contacts.

Business Development

Regardless of whether investigating leads on LinkedIn or observing email addresses, there is a great deal of leg work in business improvement. A VA can do these exercises, allowing you to zero in on the individual collaborations associated with making deals.

6. Analysis leads on LinkedIn. B2B organizations (and some B2C organizations) should keep a rundown of ideal customers. A remote helper, following direction from you, can investigate LinkedIn and makes a rundown of planned customers.

7. Observe email addresses. Utilizing information bases alongside Google, a VA can observe email locations of forthcoming customers you want to contact.

8. Plan introductions. A VA can improve proposition by finding and embedding a possibility’s logo and changing the text tone to coordinate. They can likewise vitalize slides as proper.


As you scale your business, there will be a lot of the executive’s capacities that need to finish. You might have to collect reports for customers. This may just mean assembling a ton of information you may as of now have. There are other administration capacities — like enlisting more individuals to your group. You can without much of a stretch representative a portion of this to your online helping hand.

9. Gather reports. A VA can make KPI reports not set in stone stretches to follow progress.

10. Help to enroll representatives. The opposition for great individuals is harder than the opposition for workers. VAs screen LinkedIn for forthcoming representatives dependent on models that you give.


Your occupation as an entrepreneur is making arrangements for your organization’s future. Thus, you need to zero in on making new items and administrations — and different ventures that will take your business to a higher level. So perhaps you should leave occupations like finishing up internet-based structures and taking care of record the executives to another person.

11. Finish up internet-based structures. A remote helper outfitted with organization data can finish up structures including preferring SaaS items.

12. Take notes from online courses. Some of the time you might want the data from an online class yet don’t have any desire to contribute an opportunity to watch — in any event, for on-request! A VA “joins in” and gives the notes.

13. Convert documents. Have a PDF yet need a jpeg? A VA can change over it for you.

14. Lead research. A remote helper can direct first even out research for choices that should be made, for example, which SaaS item to pick.

15. Set up projects in your venture the executives framework. A VA can set up the project.

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